Hi, my name is Bibi.

I enjoy walking on the beach, laughter and helping others.

I created BusinessCure — a strategic consultancy for companies and individuals. I shine light on the things my clients overlook and guide them as they take new steps on the path to a stronger business future.

I Value


It is about relationships and shared purpose. They are your safety net when you fall and create a space to grow and share. They are the network where you can seek support, and ask for help. It keeps you in touch with other LIVE HUMAN BEINGS.


Helping others makes me feel good. Being of service to someone fills me with energy, purpose and peace. This is how I approach business and life. A caring approach is the key to seeing what may otherwise go unseen or unspoken.


It is liberating and saves time. It is never right or wrong. It is free of judgement. It eliminates confusion and forms the basis of strong, long-lasting relationships. It is the way forward without detours.

My Strengths


Everyone is unique, but we are all still tempted to put on a facade when trying to appeal to others. I am not trying to impress you. I connect on a basic human level. We roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Positive attitude

There is nothing worse than negativity. Triumph and failure are regular parts of business life. Still, we tend to savor successes for a short time, while dwelling on our mistakes for much longer. Together we will look forward and position ourselves to take the hits when they come. All great endeavors are a series of small steps.

Entrepreneurial mind

Creativity, restlessness, accountability, bravery, risk-taking and personal freedom. Taking charge of your destiny, trying new things, succeeding and failing. Understanding sales, marketing, networking and then filling in the gaps. Creating opportunities and setting a benchmark of quality. This is my world.

I am a consultant and a networker

I help clients with everything from building confidence and transforming their idea or passion into a business, to brand creation and full-scale strategizing.

My work includes:

  • Taking you through the first steps of creating your business and launching your product
  • Aligning your product and values to facilitate meaningful communication to your audience and clients
  • Brand formation, content marketing strategy and customizing a business model to fit your potential and needs
  • Recognizing your unique story, highlighting it and transmitting it to your audience

I can help restructure old habits, strengthen interpersonal communication and connect you with other international professionals that help your business thrive.

I am a business owner and work as CEO of BforB Spain - an international referral marketing organization that helps businesses grow and thrive in a friendly, supportive, professional, intelligent environment.

I forge connections and fill gaps

I deeply respect entrepreneurs, especially the ones running small to medium-sized enterprises. Why? Because the work never stops, business ebbs and flows. Leading an SME demands a variety of skills. It is close to impossible to run an SME without a solid network of contacts and partners that work with you to move forward, create and grow. I can see what you are good at, help you recognize it and remind you why you do what you do in the first place.

We build on those strengths to solidify your business and position your brand.





I help build brands and businesses

I work with creative professionals, established businesses, promising start-ups, and world-class artists.


"Bibiana knows how important it is to find your own voice and she helped me in a very concrete way to elaborate my story telling. This step was a real life-changer for me, it gave me a lot of self-confidence and strength.

When I started as a creative freelancer in 2017, it really felt overwhelming and scary. I found great help in BusinessCure. Bibiana, its Founding Executive provides highly valuable and professional expertise and an empathic approach. And this combination makes a big difference in the consultancy process. As a small business, I was really glad to find a partner able to adapt her recommendations to my own possibilities, both in question of time management and budget. Bibiana is a pragmatic and enthusiastic person. She has a great talent to get at the core of your business problem, what is stopping you and your business from growth and development. We were then able to define short and mid term objectives and a step-by-step strategy to achieve them. When I look in retrospect, 85% of what was planned is now a reality. I am very grateful for the consultancy services I was given by BusinessCure and I know that when I will face a new challenge in my creative freelancer business, Bibiana will be the right person to turn to."

Delphine Prokešová
Founder & Art Director

"Thank you Bibi for being the engine for change that I longed for. Without your support and deadlines, Živá Změna would remain a dream. Thanks to your direct questions that ultimately led to uncovering of the purpose, I was able to find clarity in what I want and where am I heading. Živá Změna gained form, content and directions.

Zdena Živa
Spiritual guide

"What I mostly appreciate about her work is that she allows her clients to find their own way, while making sure to provide boundaries to the process, advise, experience and knowledge.

I met Bibiána through recommendation. I was looking for a partner to expand my sales abroad. We have quickly analyzed that in order to take the expansion step we first need to address company branding and internal processes. In the next four months working together, Bibiána opened topics and guided us through steps that ultimately led to the desired change and proper expansion set up. I am happy to say that after those four months our company is properly positioned in procedural efficiency, leadership and branding. Today, we are ready to face new targets and exponential expansion of the company on the local market and abroad in both B2B and B2C. Youngblock and BusinessCure remain business partners and are currently developing ways for Spanish market entry of our product. Bibiána is a great professional with human and friendly approach whom I and my team highly recommends."

Jiří Vogel
Head Blocker

"Bibi, you taught me how to think about my business and most importantly to do, what I believe in. I recommend others to work with Bibi, because you can build on her vast business knowledge in a variety of sectors. Bibi leads her clients and squeezes the best out of their business. What I will always remember from working with Bibi is: "The key to successful business is to do it well over a log period of time." and also "Maintain form."

Lenka Vykouková
Founder of Květiny Lenka Vykouková

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